I have a 19″ 34U NetApp rack in the shack, filled with nifty things. It’s capable of running a lot of stuff I want to test in a lab. Oh, and it runs VSAN on 15GB SSD’s, can you imagine? Here’s a list:

Production Environment:
– HP ML110 G6 server (X3430, 12GB, ESXi 4.1U1 on USB, no local Storage)
– QNAP TS410U NAS with 4x 640GB WD disks in Raid5
– 1x HP 1810-8G Managed Gigabit switch

Test Environment – VMware
– 3x HP DL360 G5, each with 36GB RAM, 4x Gigabit NIC, 15GB SSD, 73GB SAS 10K and 146GB SAS 10K
– HP DL320S Storage server with 12x500GB Sata for larger storage space, runs Server 2012 R2 at the moment, considering OS change
– HP 1810-24G for Lab traffic
– HP 1800-24G for iSCSI traffic

Test Environment – Storage
– 2x NetApp FAS270 w/ 14 x 72gb FC
– 1x NetApp FAS940 w/ 28 x 72gb FC
– 2x McData FC switches 2GB
– EMC AX150i iSCSI SAN with 12x 500GB

Network and routing setup is totally down the drain. I needed more space for the Storage / Virtualisation setup.

But always looking for more! So let me know if someone has anything interesting left..