Tech Field Day Extra 2014, The Day Before..

As I posted a couple of weeks ago in the VMworld 2014 US, Tech Field Day Extra enabled! post, I am  a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra, an event run by Stephen Foskett and his team. The VMworld 2014 US edition consists of three days in which a number of companies will be presenting the newest and nicest they can bring to us without getting into trouble. I’ll be attending the Day #3 sessions with EMC / XtremIO, Infinio and Nuage Networks. I am looking forward to meeting these companies, and see what they have to offer! Let’s introduce these three:

  • EMC / ExtremIO. With XtremIO, EMC presents a Block Storage device optimized for predictable performance and low latency, with 5, 10 or 20TB per X-Brick. Designed with a scale-out architecture, X-Bricks can be clustered for more capacity. An X-Brick consists of two 1U controllers with Infiniband interconnect, and a separate disk shelf (DAE) with 13 (starter) to 25 eMLC SSD’s of 400 or 800GB. EMC aims at high IO, low latency demanding workloads like databases or VDI. They did a presentation at Storage Field Day #5, and return to TFDE to give an update on that.
  • Infinio. Leave the hardware be, get to the software. Infinio is a software-based accelerator living as a VM in the RAM of your virtualization host. They did a very good job with their 1.0 release, being a “best new Technology” finalist at VMworld 2013 and presenting at Tech Field Day 9, leaving a very good impression. With 2.0 a lot of new features will be released, as multiprotocol support, cache advisor and better reporting and VDI optimization. A separate post will appear on this soon.
  • Nuage Network. With their Virtualized Service Platform, Nuage Networks (..) lays the foundation for an open and dynamically controlled datacenter network fabric to accelerate application programmability, facilitate unconstrained mobility, and maximize compute efficiency for cloud service providers, webscale operators & leading tech enterprises across the globe. Regardless of network architecture, network vendor installed, Hypervisor or compute virtualization suite (OpenStack, CloudStack or VMWare). I will let me be completely surprised about what they are going to present. Rumor goes that there will be a deployment demo ..
Only thing I need to do now is survive the sessions, dinners and parties today and be ready for Showtime tomorrow. Looking forward to all presentations, and the magic of Tech Field Day Extra itself!

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