Surviving VCAC 6.0 install: Tips & tricks

When installing vCAC 6.0, please do follow This wonderful HowTo by Kendrick Coleman

But, when an install fails, it’s not nice. See it like shooting a musquito with a 17th century musket: it takes 5 minutes reloading to take a new shot after firing at a target you can not see. Some tips that helped me:

Preparing an installation:
– Make the service account member of the local administrators group. Makes life a lot easier when creating files, IIS operations etc
– Make the service account sysadmin on your SQL server, at least while creating the databases. I let the installer do that job of creating the database, btw
– Run the setup.exe file as an administrator
– Run the great powershell script provided by Kendrick as an administrator

When the install did fail however, how to reset your musket:

– Clear the c:\users\<installingaccount>\download folder of the .exe AND .XML file
– Delete the vCAC database on your SQL server
– Delete the Repository, VCAC and WAPI applications in your Default Website through IIS manager
– Delete the RepositoryAppPool, VCACAppPool and WAPIAppPool in the ApplicationPool through IIS manager
– Delete the c:\program files (x86)\vmware folder (don’t foret to close the logfile too, otherwise deletions will fail 🙂 )

And have another go!

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