Again NetApp: Metrocluster Workshop

One of the advantages of being a Silver Partner, is that you can attend free courses, workshops or other (pre)sales sessions organised by AVnet. Last friday I attended the NetApp Metrocluster workhop at their Almere office. First part was a bit of cabling, which scared some visitors off. They were expecting the full mont right away. And allthough the presenter tried to explain that that was up next, the guy disappeared right after the first coffee break. Pity for him, he missed the opportunity to get some info about metroclusters from one of the best metrocluster guys NetApp Europe has to offer. Session had more technical oomph than I expected, so that’s a good thing. FC protocol dripped through as well, so I had a nice day! Unfrtunately, it ended rather quickly, 2pm at a fridayafternoon! Ah well, beer at the main office then ..