VSAN Part 1: My VSAN Lab

As seen in previous posts, I still believe in full hardware based labs, against hypervirtualised lab environments. So, I decided to build one suitable for a lot of things, including VSAN! It may not be completely supported, but it will work for me. And it’s all free. Ah, free .. I’ve paid a good cake for it.

3x HP DL360 G5:

  • 2x Xeon 5405’s
  • 40GB RAM
  • 1x IBM 15GB SSD, placed in a HP 2.5″ bracket
  • 1x 73GB 15K 2.5″ SAS disk
  • 1x 146GB 10K 2.5″ SAS disk
  • Extra PCI-e dualport Gigabit NIC
  • ESXI 5.5
So, that’s an SSD and two disks per host. SSD is
1x HP DL320S Storage Server:
  • 12 x 500GB Sata disks
  • Extra PCI-e dualport Gigabit NIC
  • Server 2012 with iSCSI Targets enabled for SHared Storage
HP ProCurve 1810-24G
  • 24 x 1gbit copper + 4 dualIdentity SFP ports
All neatly placed in an old 34U NetApp Filer rack.
ESXI is installed, but then moving houses came in between. Once I have my power and network infra in place in my new house, I’ll write on.