Nutanix Partner EMEA Summit, day 1

Nutanix is very disruptive, very cool and very innovative. And I am one of the lucky few to work on a very challenging project, using Nutanix. Nutanix EMEA is growing and growing: they recently opened the EMEA headquartes at Hoofddorp / Amsterdam, NL. And this week, their first EMEA Partner Summit! This edition is held in the Gran Melia Hotel in Marbella, Spain. And I got the great opportunity to visit. Heora 🙂

Starting at day 1, Jan Urssi kicking of with the opening speach. It’s all about new, disruptive, creating your own luck. He makes it very clear from the start: this is going to be totally new. Partners from all the EMEA have joined this event, and they’re all excited.


The future is now! And opportunity is now. There are possibilities, chances are created, and preparations are being made. But, do it now! Invest now, get on the train; it’s already leaving. That’s Jan Ursi.

Next up is VP Howard Ting. Datacenter infrastructure is changing and shifting; from client servers era to virtualisation era to public cloud. A jawdropping and earthshattering feature made this all possible: in 2003 VMware released a feature that’s called ‘vMotion’, the ability to dynamically move VM’s from one host to another.


Datacenters got more and more flexible on commodity hardware. Traditional vendors can’t keep up with the virtualisation era. They are facing headwinds: revenue is declining quarter after quarter. Datacenters need to keep up with public cloud services demands. They need to respond quickly, perform seemless failovers, and that’s a challenge! The Web-scale world! Public cloud is not the absolute answer, private cloud can still be usefull with public cloud elements. The Hybrid Cloud! Shared storage shares are being eaten away by Enterprise Server SAN Storage, but Howard likes it ‘Web-scale’. Even before 2016, shared storage will be a goner. Inflexible, extensive administration, expensive ..  and above all; just not scalable! Web-scale architecture should be scalable unlimited! But that’s not easy..

And now, the good news! Nutanix announces the full monty of products: The complete Package up to software-only. Build your own Nutanix cluster on your own hardware. Different licenses will also be available: Starter, pro and Ultimate. Each will have different features to fit anyone’s needs. My friend Joep Piscaer has written an excellent post on the spot, see his blogpost.